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Liam Naden

Liam Naden

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Liam Naden is a writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He travels frequently throughout New Zealand to uncover the best of what the country has to offer. He is assisted in writing about New Zealand by his partner, photographer and website editor, Malene Holm.

In addition to travel writing, Liam also works in the area of marriage and relationship coaching through his website www.LiamNaden.com and he has written a number of books on relationships for couples.


Liam's appetite for writing was whetted when he became editor of his school class magazine at age 8. Since then he has written for a number of national publications, particularly on one of his passions, wine.


Liam holds a Master of Arts degree, First Class Honours, and diplomas in music and business, all from the University of Auckland.

By Liam Naden:

What more exciting place in the world can there be to travel to than New Zealand? I am delighted to share my knowledge and love of the almost endless diversity of scenery and experiences to be found here. I hope you will come and see it for yourself!

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