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New Zealand has been described as the adventure capital of the world. The spectacular and varied terrain offers a huge range of excitement and adventure.
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Naturism in New Zealand
The facts on naturism in New Zealand

Cycling in New Zealand: New Zealand Cycle Trail
The New Zealand Cycle Trail is a network of the best riding trails in the country.

Walking and Hiking in New Zealand
New Zealand is a paradise for walkers and trampers. This is what to know and where to go if you love the outdoors.

Bungy Jump Sites in the North Island
A list and description of where you can try bungy jumping in the North Island. Included are details of commercial operators.

Where to See the Kiwi Bird in New Zealand
If you want to see a real live kiwi bird, visit one of the several kiwi houses or sanctuaries to be found throughout New Zealand.

Bungy Jump Sites in the South Island
A list and description of where you can try bungy jumping in the South Island. Included are details of commercial operators.

New Zealand Trees
New Zealand has many species of trees which are not found anywhere else in the world. Here are some of the best known and most significant.

White Water Rafting in New Zealand
White water rafting is a thrilling way to experience New Zealand's rivers. Here are the best locations in the country and what to expect.

New Zealand National Parks
Discover the fourteen national parks in New Zealand, home to some of the some of the most beautiful areas in the country.

Jet Boating in New Zealand
Experience the thrill of a jet boat ride in one of New Zealand's rivers, lakes or harbors. Here are all the details on where to go.

New Zealand Wetlands
New Zealand's wetlands are important conservation areas. Here is a list of the most significant.

Where to See Kiwis in the Wild in New Zealand
A list of places to see the kiwi bird in their natural wilderness environment.

Kauri: New Zealand's Largest Native Tree
Discover the magnificence of New Zealand's most impressive tree, the kauri. Description and where to find the best examples.

Bungy Jumping in New Zealand
Bungy jumping was 'invented' in New Zealand. Here's everything you need to know about it, including the best places in the country to try it.

Skydiving in New Zealand
You can try a parachute jump in many parts of New Zealand. No experience necessary!

New Zealand Regional Parks
A complete list of all of the Regional Parks to be found in New Zealand.

New Zealand Forest Parks
A complete list of New Zealand's Forest Parks. They contain some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

New Zealand Parks and Forests
A guide to the forests, parks and other wilderness areas which cover much of New Zealand.

New Zealand's Ten Best Holiday Beaches

Golf in New Zealand
Information on Golfing and Golf Courses in New Zealand

Sailing in New Zealand
All about how and where to experience sailing and cruising on a yacht in New Zealand

New Zealand World Heritage Areas
Descriptions of the UNESCO World Heritage areas of New Zealand.

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