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New Zealand Wine and Food

With a diversity of cuisine and international award-winning wines, dining in New Zealand will be especially memorable. In this section you will find reviews and information on some of the best.
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Best Fine Wine Stores in New Zealand

Best Fine Wine Stores in New Zealand
If you're looking to buy a good bottle of New Zealand or international wine, you should visit a specialist shop. Here are the best in the country.

Restaurant Review: The Italians Restaurant, Kerikeri, Northland
An excellent Italian restaurant in the Northland town of Kerikeri

Whangarei Cafe Guide
If you're looking for a coffee or a quick meal in Whangarei, here are the best places to head for.

Kerikeri Cafe and Restaurant Guide
If you're looking for a meal or coffee in Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands, here are the best places in town.

New Zealand Winery and Vineyard Tours
One of the best ways to learn about New Zealand wine is on an organized winery tour. Here is a selection of some of the best in each wine region.

Whangarei Restaurant and Bar Guide
Whangarei has some great restaurants, bars and places to eat. If you're looking for a meal out, here are the places to check out.

Auckland Airport Restaurants, Cafes and Dining
Restaurants, cafes and dining at Auckland Airport.

New Zealand Wine Regions
Grapes are grown all over New Zealand and make some of the world's most sought-after wines. Here is a roundup of the most important wine regions.

Something to know about New Zealand restaurants.

Taupo Cafe Guide
If you're looking for a casual lunch or coffee in Taupo, here is a selection of the best places to visit.

Wine Regions of New Zealand: Northland
Discover the wines made in the northernmost part of New Zealand

Wine Regions of New Zealand: Gisborne
Gisborne has been dubbed The Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand

Wine Regions of New Zealand: Auckland
There are vineyards located in various spots around Auckland. Well worth a visit.

Northland Wine Trail: Okahu Estate
History and wine review from an interesting winery near Kaitaia, Northland

Vegetarian and Vegan Dining in Auckland, New Zealand
For vegetarians and vegans there are a number of dining options in Auckland.

Wine Regions Of New Zealand: Marlborough
Visit New Zealand's largest and most famous wine region, home to the legendary Sauvignon Blanc.

New Zealand Wine: Grape Varieties and Wine Styles
Information on the grapes used to make the various styles of New Zealand wine.

Where to Eat in Taupo, New Zealand
Taupo is a lively place for tourists and has lots of great dining options in and around the town. Here's where to head if you're looking for somewhere good to eat.

New Zealand Dining Tips
Things you should know about restaurant and cafe dining in New Zealand

Gisborne: Restaurant and Dining Reviews
Cafes and restaurants worth visiting in Gisborne on the North Island's East Coast

Best Restaurants, Cafes and Dining in Rotorua
As one of New Zealand's leading tourist areas, Rotorua has many excellent options for eating. Here are some highlights.

Where to eat in Whakatane, in the Bay of Plenty, North Island
Where to eat in Whakatane, in the Bay of Plenty, North Island

Best Cafes and Cheap Eats in Tauranga
Where to go in Tauranga if you are looking for a coffee or quick meal.

Dining and Restaurants in the Far North of New Zealand
Your choices for restaurants and places to find food from the Bay of Islands North to Cape Reinga in Northland.

Gallery and Cafe, Helena Bay Hill, Northland
A delightful art gallery and cafe between Whangarei and the Bay of Islands

Northland Wine Trail: Marsden Estate Winery and Vineyard
This small winery near Kerikeri makes some of Northland's best wines.

Best Cafes in Whakatane
Here are the best cafes for dining and coffee in Whakatane in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, North Island

Best Ethnic Dining in Auckland
Auckland is truly an international city and this is reflected in the diversity of its eateries. From casual cafes to fine dining you will find a good selection of European, Asian and South Pacific fare. Here are some of the best we have discovered.

Best Cheap Eats and Good Value Dining in Queenstown
Where to eat on a budget when visiting Queenstown

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