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New Zealand Winery and Vineyard Tours

Best Organized Tours of New Zealand Wineries, Vineyards and Wine Regions


Vineyards, Hawkes Bay

Vineyards, Hawkes Bay

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One of New Zealand's most renowned products is wine. For such a tiny country, we punch way above our weight in terms of quality of our wines.

There are vineyards throughout the country, some is some rather unlikely places. However, most of the vineyards are in several established wine regions. These have been recognized as being particularly suitable for wine production. Regional styles are beginning to develop as an understanding of each region (and its suitability for particular grape varieties) increases.

One of the best ways to gain an appreciation of the wine of each region is on an organized tour. You can certainly visit many wineries yourself. However, if you are limited for time and want to gain a deeper understanding of a wine district (as well as taste some of the best wines) then an organized tour may be the way to go. Usually the tour guide will have a good knowledge of the best wineries and know the winemakers personally. You will probably end up with a better overall experience than if you visit the area on your own.

Here is a selection of wine tours available in some of the major wine regions. Click on the link to book a tour or to find further information.

North Island

Auckland: North (Matakana Coast)

The Matakana Coast just to the north of Auckland is one of New Zealand's newest wine regions. Although a small area, the quality of the wines is very high, with some of the best red wines in the country coming from here.

Matakana Coast Winery Tour Information and Booking

Auckland: West

West Auckland is one of the oldest New Zealand wine regions and is home to some of the country's most important wine companies.

West Auckland Half Day Winery Tour Information and Booking

West Auckland Small Group Half Day or Full Day Winery Tour Information and Booking


Although New Zealand's most remote city, Gisborne is well worth a visit to explore the beaches and sample the wines. This is white wine territory, especially chardonnay and gewurztraminer.

Gisborne Winery Tour Information and Booking

Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay is the largest wine region in the North Island and is highly regarded for Bordeaux-style reds made from merlot and cabernet sauvignon. It is also one of New Zealand's oldest wine regions.

Hawkes Bay Winery Tour Information and Bookings

South Island


Marlborough is the largest wine region in New Zealand, renowned around the world for it's sauvignon blanc and sparkling wines. Some of the wineries are large and impressive and well worth a visit as you step off the ferry from the North Island.

Marlborough Small Group Winery Tour Information and Booking

Canterbury: Waipara

Just an hour north of Christchurch, Waipara is emerging as one of the South Island's interesting wine regions. Specialties here include pinot noir, riesling and chardonnay.

Waipara Winery Tour Information and Booking

Central Otago

Central Otago, and the vineyards around Queenstown, are now producing some of New Zealand's best wines, especially from the pinot noir grape. This tour takes you not only to some of the best wineries, but through some of the region's best scenery as well.

Central Otago Winery Tour Information and Booking

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