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New Zealand History and Culture

Since the arrival of the British explorer Captain Cook in 1769, New Zealand has become a truly multicultural society. Learn about the native Maori people and the fascinating history of the many cultures which make up New Zealand.
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Important Historic Buildings in New Zealand
Here is a list of some of New Zealand's most important buildings and historic buildings. A visit will give you an insight into New Zealand's unique history.

Historic Buildings of Northland
Discover New Zealand's history when you visit Northland. Here you will find some of the oldest buildings and most historic sites in the country.

Pohutukawa: the New Zealand Christmas Tree
The beautiful pohutukawa tree, often described as New Zealand's Christmas Tree.

New Zealand Historic Places Trust
If you are interested in New Zealand history, the Historic Places Trust is a valuable resource. Find out about the Trust here and the services it provides.

Anzac Day: Remembering the Fallen in New Zealand
An important day of remembrance for all New Zealanders.

New Zealand World Records and Firsts
The world's smallest dolphin, the largest bird that ever lived, the first person to reach the top of the world's highest mountain: these are just some of the fascinating unique world firsts and records that come from New Zealand. Explore some of New Zealand's greatest achievements here.

Maori meeting place.

New Zealand National Army Museum, Waiouru, Central North Island
A visit to the National Army museum is a highlight of any trip through the central North Island. It is one of the best museums in the country.

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