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What Does it Cost in New Zealand?


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What it Costs in New Zealand: Gas and Fuel (Petrol)


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There are two grades of petrol sold in New Zealand and most cars will run on either. 91 octane is cheaper that 95 octane, although 95 gives better performance. Because of the price, far more 91 is sold than 95.

Larger vehicles are powered on diesel fuel. Although this is much cheaper than petrol at the pump, there is a Road User Tax payable which increases the actual price per liter to close to that of 91 petrol. The Road User Tax varies according to the weight of the vehicle. It can be paid for at any Post Shop. It must be purchased in advance, with a card displayed on the windscreen.

Approximate Gas and Fuel Prices (NZ$)

95 Octane Petrol: $2.20 per liter
91 Octane Petrol: $2.13 per liter
Diesel: $1.45 per liter

Tip: Most supermarkets will give you a fuel voucher over a certain amount of purchase. Do your grocery shopping in bulk at a supermarket and get one of these vouchers, which can save you between 3c and 20c per liter.

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