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Book Review: Crafty Girls' Road Trip by Ann Packer

A Guide to the Best Places to Find Handcrafts in New Zealand


Crafty Girls' Road Trip by Ann Packer

Crafty Girls' Road Trip by Ann Packer

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Are you the sort of person who loves embroidery, patchwork, knitting, fabrics, textiles and other handcrafts? If so, you'll be pleased to know that New Zealand is filled with little out-of the-way places where you can buy materials to indulge your hobby, and meet interesting people in the process.

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You just need to be able to find them. Ann Packer's book, "Crafty Girls' Road Trip" would be an indispensable guide to those who are interested in this hobby and want to see a different side of New Zealand.

The book itself is organised by New Zealand regions. In each section there is a comprehensive list of the many places to visit for your handcraft needs. Each listing also includes contact details and a good description of any highlights. It is definitely written by someone who has visited these places first hand and knows what to look out for. The great thing is that the places are listed in an order like an itinerary; it's as if you are being taken on your own guided tour of the best handcraft spots.

Also included in the book are some great recommendations for cafes and places to grab of a coffee, many of which themselves have a crafty theme. There is also an extensive resources section, which provides details of organisations, events, online retailers and much else.

There is even included ten craft projects which could become ideal presents or souvenirs to make and then take home with you.

The book is laid out very attractively so it would make a welcome addition to carrying in your luggage or camper if this subject appeals. The illustrations are beautiful too, and include some quirkily pretty map illustrations by Lorraine Smith.

Many people who come to New Zealand are interested in handcrafts in their own country. This book gives you a great opportunity to discover how alive and vibrant handcrafting is in New Zealand as well.

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